C4mation ... Innovator in micro-scale circuit board fabrication and electronic packaging

C4mation utilizes proven, micro-laser technology to fabricate and package electronic circuits and components in ultra-miniature modules – dramatically smaller than the high-density, printed circuit boards in use today.

Our precision micro fabrication technology replaces the bulky circuit board traces with very narrow nano-particulate conductors on a paper thin substrate.  

Our cad-to-fab approach enables low- and mid-volume production of highly miniaturized electronic devices.

Today’s growing proliferation of electronic components calls for increasing miniaturization along with the ability to fabricate and package in small volume for prototyping and custom delivery.  With our technology, low power devices can not be cost effectively minaturized to levels previously available only to ultra-high volume products.                                                                                             Benefits to you:

+)  Our circuit fabrication and assembly use the smallest available components and shrink the resulting electronic system to extraordinarily small volumes.  This results in a packaged volume that can be up to 10 times smaller than before.

+)  Our manufacturing approach is capable of producing fine-feature interconnect conductors with dimensions between 10 and 40 micrometers (microns) in width with equally small inter-trace spacing.  As a comparison standard circuit boards typically use 120 micron traces.  (A sheet of paper is about 75 microns thick.)

+)  Our efficient approach makes small batch production cost effective while easily supporting ramp-up to volume production.

+)  Our manufacturing process is ecologically friendly and uses no metal plating, etching, or aggressive toxic chemicals, thus avoiding restrictive permitting and the high cost of waste stream treatment.

We welcome the opportunity to help reduce the size and weight of your electronic packaging.  For more information, call (650) 321.5050 or gene@c4mation.com

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